You have written a poem or a song, you have painted a picture, you have photographed a unique sunset…What should you do in order to prevent someone else from using your creation without your permission?  How to receive remuneration for your works? Or, maybe you are wondering whether materials you are using, such as music, pictures and photographs on your website, or graphic elements on your product’s packaging, do not violate the copyright of someone else.

We can provide the answers to your questions in relation to copyright.

We can analyse the legal aspects of copyright issues and help you formulate the best strategy for your circumstances. We can help your business make the most of copyrighted works by drawing up the right copyright assignment and licensing agreements, as well as contracts for the creation of custom copyrighted works.

We provide representation in court in case of infringement of your copyright, as well as in case of claims against you for infringement of other people's rights.