You are looking for a proper brand name for your business, or you already have a name, but it is not protected as a trademark yet. You have concerns that someone else might use your mark, or that you might involuntarily infringe on someone else’s rights.

We can help you resolve these concerns. We will check the registrability, conduct a search for earlier rights and take the necessary steps for registration of the mark in Bulgaria, the EU, or any other country you are interested in. In case your mark is challenged or infringed, we will defend your interests before the respective administrative or judicial authorities.

Once your mark is registered, we will keep track of any deadlines and notify you of actions to be taken. Where needed, we will prepare licensing and assignment contracts and deal with the recordal formalities.

We also offer monitoring services to identify infringing  new trademark applications. If needed, we will defend your rights in court.

With us, you can focus on running your business knowing that the management of your trademarks is in good hands.